Windows Remote Desktop Services – External Connector License (Discounted)

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Windows Remote Desktop Services is a technology that lets users remotely execute applications on Windows Server. This can be done from a wide range of devices over virtually any type of network connection. Clients are available for a variety of operating systems and can be downloaded from Microsoft's website.

An external connector license (ECL) allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

This offer provides one ECL for Windows Remote Desktop Services. An ECL is best suited to an organization that has a large number of authenticated external Internet users accessing Windows Remote Desktop Services, For a small number of authenticated users, a more economical solution might be to acquire client access licenses (CALs) for the maximum number of simultaneous connections expected.

Please note that an organization with a Remote Desktop Services ECL still has to acquire a Windows Server ECL for every instance of Windows Server accessed by external users. It also must acquire CALs for the internal devices accessing the server. No license is required for anonymous Internet users.

Additional Information

For additional information about the available editions of Windows Server and the server and client licensing requirements, see the Guide to Windows Server Editions and Licensing.

License Only

This license does not require media, license keys, or setup codes.

CALs, ECLs, and management licenses (MLs) offered through TechSoup are always for the currently offered version of the server software. However, these licenses can also be used with earlier versions of the server software.

Software Assurance

Under the Software Assurance program, you have the right to install any new release of products covered in the agreement during the term of your coverage.


System Requirements

  • None