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Box Starter Edition is an online file sharing, content management and collaboration service for small teams of up to 10 people.

This donation provides 10 continuing use licenses for Box Starter Edition. Licenses do not expire and there is no need to renew. See the Prepaid Details tab for more information on prepayment.

Benefits for organizations

You can use the Box for

  • Accelerate collaboration by allowing users to access, share, and view cloud-based, real-time cloud-based work from any device, instead of traditional file transfer applications and internal servers
  • Manage programs more efficiently by consolidating all files into a single platform that allows for collaboration and sharing of files with internal and external stakeholders
  • Restructure the development of funds and partnerships if you work in a foundation to compose a grant submission and approval process with Box
  • Manage geographically dispersed personnel and beneficiaries by creating content structures specific to regional offices

Read Success Stories , visit the Community Box for Nonprofits to learn how other Nonprofits use Box, and view the Box of Nonprofits Use Case Matrix (PDF).

The main functions

  • File sharing: Share and access your files from anywhere on any VPN-free device. In addition to Box's web app, accessible from any platform, Box offers mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry.
  • Desktop Synchronization: All your files can be securely and automatically synchronized between your desktop and your Box online files with Box for Windows and Mac applications.
  • Collaboration: Box supports document version history, real-time updates, email notifications, comments, and tasks.
  • Security: You can configure permissions and privileges for all types of users to restrict their access. The data stored in the Box is protected with SSL, 256-bit AES encryption and meets both EU certification and Swiss Safe Harbor.
  • Software integration: Use Box applications to access Box content through other applications such as Microsoft Office and Office 365. Box for Office and Google Docs helps you to open, edit and distribute Box files directly from those applications. See. applications available in Box .

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Box offers telephone and online support. You can open support tickets on the Box Community page.

Choose carefully

The administrative fee for this product is non-refundable and the product cannot be exchanged.

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System requirements Web browser and internet connection
Conservation restrictions 100 GB of total storage space; maximum file size 2 GB.
Ongoing licenses This donation provides 10 ongoing licenses. They do not expire or need to be renewed.
Existing subscribers are not qualified You can claim this donation only if you do not have a paid subscription in the Box.
Preview for the Box You can try Box by signing up for a free "Box Personal Edition" account. If you are looking for this offer, you will need to create a “Box Starter” account using an email address other than that used to create your personal account.