CleverReach Lifetime Subscription

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CleverReach is web-based email marketing software for managing email campaigns and contacts.

This donation provides a lifetime subscription to the CleverReach email marketing software for an unlimited number of users. See the Subscription Details tab for more details about the subscription.

Benefits for Organizations

You can use CleverReach to

Raise funds through targeted email campaigns

Manage and segment email contacts and store additional information

Major Capabilities

Create campaigns: You can create a set of emails to send on a customized schedule to a segmented group of recipients.

Customized designs: The design wizard includes more than 50 free templates, covering many subjects. You can also directly edit the HTML code of an email.

Registration forms: You can create a newsletter registration form for your website and specify the data you want.

A/B split testing: You can send two versions of one email to explore which will be the most effective.

You can see the full list of features on the CleverReach website.


CleverReach offers online help desk support and an FAQ.

Choose Carefully

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Obtaining This Product

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